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My Story

The Outer Banks stole my heart in 2006. After traveling to 52 countries around the world now it gives me “warm fuzzies” to call it my home. For me it’s sand dunes and pine trees, pink cotton candy sunsets and lighthouses and of course friendly people. When you choose the Outer Banks to celebrate your Big Day, we have something in common. 


Sailing has been a big part of my life for the 8 years that I worked on cruise ships: 17 different ships, over a 100 different ports. Now I am an avid cruiser, either planning or looking forward to my next cruise.


Planning has always thrilled me and gave me a sense of fulfillment. For 6 years I planned and coordinated live art auctions and various art events on board cruise ships. Complying with the cruise lines and gallery high standards I learnt how to ensure that events run effectively and smoothly.


Working with art plunged me into the world of aesthetics, style and design constantly intriguing me with colors and shapes. My other favorite part of the job was to give personalized attention to the guests while helping them to find the artwork that would match their heart and home.


To learn all aspects of the Outer Banks Wedding I have worked for 5 outstanding OBX vendors including wedding planners Southern Hospitality Weddings and Events and Forever and a Day Weddings, event design studio Renee Landry EventsSteamers Catering and Red Sky Catering and I am excited to share my knowledge with you.


I would be excited and honored to embark on a journey of your celebration. Allow me to assist you paint your masterpiece using the brush strokes that are unique to you. Together it will be nothing but smooth sailing.

Together it will be nothing but smooth sailing!

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